Where Are We Heading Towards ?

I always ask myself, as Ghanaians are we really concerned about our nation’s future? Ask yourself that question, are you concerned about the future of Ghana? If yes, what role are u playing to brighten the future of this nation of ours. There is this saying, that what you become tomorrow depends on what u spend your time doing today. Policies and decisions we take as a nation today, affects what we become tomorrow. This means that we should be extra careful about things we do today. But are we extra careful and concerned? From the leadership of this country down to the citizens, we are mostly concerned about ourselves. In order to know where we heading to as a nation, we have to analyze our current performance via the Health, Education, Agricultural, Industrial and other aspects of our economy.

U don’t need to be an economist or a rocket scientist to know that our economy isn’t healthy. The cost of living keeps galloping high, unemployment is on the rise, poor educational and health systems, water and electricity problems, name it. We are citizens of this country, hence we are in the best position to know whether things are right or wrong because we feel the effects best. Ghanaians are the major stakeholders hence we have to hold our leaders accountable. Not just by words but by actions as well. We tend to play political cards with every single issue in this country without even considering how serious the matter is. Our media today isn’t doing us any good , they have virtually turned a blind eye on the serious dilemma and sufferings of the Ghanaian citizen. Its high time we put our nation first instead of ourselves, we always admire developed and advanced countries like the U.S, Germany, U.K and the others yet we don’t emulate the selfless and patriotic qualities which have made them what they are now. Each and every one of us in one way or the other has a role to play , if we want transform this nation rather than looking up to politicians who seem to fail us despite our consistent rotation policy. There are numerous success stories we can learn from, countries that have risen from the bottom, right up to the top.

In Sociology, there is a term called Worldview; This is the fundamental cognitive orientation of an individual or society encompassing the entirety of the individual or a society’s knowledge. It may include values, emotions, ethics etc. A society’s worldview affects their way of thinking, hence their way of doing things. This may in the long run affect the society’s political, economic, cultural and religious affairs of the society. If we want to transform this nation, let us change our worldview, and be united irrespective of our political, religious, and ethnic backgrounds.Ghana is all we have got, let’s salvage our nation.


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