Over the past few months, i was impressed by the stunning and cutting edge images i saw on my instagram timeline from a particular account i followed, which went by the name _ghog. Sleek, simple and high quality images which had attracted over 20,000 followers. Little did i know that ghog as he was popularly know was a 3rd year Communication Design student of KNUST, so i recently caught up with him to give us an insight into his works.





The journey began after graduating from the Presbyterian Boy’s secondary school in Legon in 2013, Lawrence Kayku as he is officially known as, applied to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology with the hopes of studying his dream career; Architecture. His hopes of getting the Program of study he had always dreamed of were shattered, after it appeared he had missed out and was admitted to study Communication Design. During his freshman year, he had the opportunity to be exposed to photography as he studied it as a course.

“I got introduced to photography in my first year in KNUST where i read Communication Design.  Its a sub course we read for 3 years. So in my first year, we were taken through the history of photography down to modern trends. It was fascinating. The mechanisms involved intruiged me. ISO. Aperture. Shutter speed. High dynamic Range etc’



Lawrence as time went on developed the passion for photography, with immense help from friends such as cliqKofi and specsphoto as well as self teaching,

”Around that time CLIQKOFI started photography. We were close. He’d come by from time to time. I had started learning photography without even knowing. Lol. He’d share information without me asking. He would quiz me and all. I was the model for his first shoot under the CLIQKOFI brand (P.S; I designed his logo) alongside some two female friends. Fast forward; second year second semester, Ghog was born.”

I started shooting with specphoto’s nikon d3100. i used it for close to 9 months until i bought my own camera; A Canon EOS 60D. I learnt from youtube. Watching works of certain photographers. I observe a lot.



Lawrence in the course of starting decided to choose and develop a unique identity, that would help create a distinct feature from the many other photographers.

Names they say, truly have impacts on the holders. The name ‘ghog’ originated from that of a famous renaissance painter Vincent Van Gogh. He was a  master at his work. That’s what ‘Ghog’ seeks to represent; Mastery. Going the extra mile to bring value.



Fast forward months later, Lawrence now shoots from portrait, to landscape, fashion, as well as weddings. Admitting that he has learnt throughout the short period as photographer.

Lessons learnt. A lot. From technical to client relationship to branding. A whole lot.
Obstacles, i’ll say making the most of what you have available can be really challenging and limiting.
Fun moments obviously are when i’m enjoying the photos i’m making during the shoot. And the best moments always come from client feedback. When I’ve created value for someone through my work. Priceless.



Speaking on challenges photographers face in today’s age especially in Ghana,ghog talks on various misconceptions and myths about photographers.

This life. People see it to be all about the girls. There’s the general perception of photographers having their way with the female ‘models’. When its just like any other human relation occupation. It can get quite annoying when every one is wanting free shots and ‘shoot me some’ ‘so when will you shoot me’. You try making a friend out of someone usually the girls and you get hit with so when are we shooting. Turn off. And then the guys come at you for shooting just girls.



Based on the various misconceptions, Lawrence has decided to take up the issues as a final year research project, to unravel the truths and educate people on the true purpose of photography as an Art.

My project revolves around this perception of photographers having their way with the girls through photography, so called photographers who call girls to shoot nudes and end up harassing them and those who don’t understand what it takes to be a fine art n*de artist but are shooting nudes because breasts and ass.  Basically,the foundation of a fine art n*de photographer is a theme, an emotion. Something that draws the attention of the viewer from the nudity of the model. Once a n*de image begins to be sexualized by the mass public its geared towards the direction of soft core p*rn.



Ending the interview session, ghog had these few words of advice for readers.

Excuses. Thats the last thing you should make a part of you.   The beginning may seem so far from the dream. But as they say, a journey of a thousand miles, begins with a step. START NOW!

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