THE NEW BUSINESS REVOLUTION : Vodafone IOT is here to transform the way Businesses Operate


Technology in this day and age influences every spectrum of life, from social, political , religious or even economic (business) aspects. Today businesses cannot operate and communicate effectively without technology. One of the World’s leading Telecommunication networks: Vodafone have introduced a new initiative that is set to transform and rapidly improve the way businesses operate.


Vodafone Internet of Things is the new revolution for business across the globe. Now let’s take a closer about what the whole project entails. IOT is about machines & objects communicating to each other leading to providing relevant, critical and timely information.

IOT basically serves as a platform for transmitting and sharing of data to deliver value. Basically, IOT looks at connecting management which comprises of customers, employees and consumers to understand and properly monitor assets. Either static or dynamic.

Let me break it down, Internet of things provides leveraging world leading technology to give every business owner or manager a greater insight into all operations and activities of the business.

Through IOT, every business manager or individual can;


IOT aids one to acquire up-to-the-minute data on the condition and status of all your connected assets. For example. A delivery service company can monitor all its assets, which can comprise of the delivery trucks, motor bikes etc assigned to deliver products to customers at their door steps.



With IOT you get to remotely control how your connected assets react to changes in condition or status. Using the example of the delivery service company, one can assess whether there’s a developing fault with a truck, motor bike assigned to deliver.



Courtesy IOT, business owners and individuals are able to effectively track and know exactly where their assets are, anytime, all the time. Again, bringing the delivery service company example, managers can monitor the movement and location of trucks, bikes sent out to deliver items. This applies to all businesses irrespective of their field of expertise.


Through IOT, you can power up your customers, your business and your assets with fresh connected functionality, tailored to their needs and expectations. Example wired payments, E-readers and more.

Vodafone Ghana is gradually connecting Ghana to the new revolution. Holding its first workshop last month at the Labadi Beach Hotel to help provide more insight into the project.

Stick and stay with this space as i bring you more information about Vodafone IOT.

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