The Blogging Experience: The Journey So Far

So i had the opportunity to attend campus storm. An event by Bloggingghana on KNUST campus for Bloggers and social media enthusiasts. Definitely the right event for me, because it met my passion & interests.

It also kept taking my mind back to how it all started for me as a blogger, after being a G.I.J reject and finding my way into KNUST, i needed an avenue to still churn out and nurture my passion. I was never going to sit idle and let that dream die. Blogging became a safe haven for me, as i looked up to various individuals who had already started and were doing pretty well. Social media participation also became a new avenue, although it at a point grew into an addiction. I took the opportunity to interact and share my ideas and thoughts with others almost having a unique sense of ideology and thinking.

Close to 3 years on, i now have my blog, after starting on blogspot. I’ve been able to report and write for several news outlets, websites such as,, kuulpeeps,  and a host of others. I’ve also taken upon myself to unearth young brilliant individuals who are doing unique things in one way or the other, through exclusive interviews and more.

My main advice for every individual is that if you have a passion for something, don’t let your immediate environs & words of discouragement from others suppress you. Just stay focused, be committed to whatever you doing, be wiling to learn new things and you shall definitely succeed.

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