Keeping the momentum strong : My Biggest Challenge

Hello guys, i know its been a while i posted something. My biggest apologies. Over the past few months, things have taken a different turn in my life, in as much as its not an excuse for not being proactive and consistent, i believe its one of those things that makes you stronger and more prepared for the upcoming challenges.

I wouldn’t say I’ve sorted all of them out, but i have rekindled my urge and energy with which i started this blog. This blog was basically supposed to serve as a mouth piece and archive for all my works, and also serve as a platform for empowerment, youth development, inspiration, information and more.

In 2017, the project continues and this time i’m assuring you its going to be on a consistent basis, from  feature articles, to exclusive interviews with various influential and interesting personalities, to photography, travel and tourism spiced with social media stuff. Someone would say why these many categories? Can you focus and be consistent and pay attention to them ?

The truth is carefully sat down to choose these categories because these are the things that my life revolves around on the regular basis, and i’m passionate about, i just didn’t have a road map and a carefully drawn out plan to ensure i know which step to take and what next to do. Not to boast, but i feel this is a challenge most of we the youth and humans in general face in life, we start with  a strong urge, but as time goes on, it dies out.

It can probably be attributed to a bit of laziness, lackadaisical attitudes or complacency. It is important to note that these behaviors always turn out to kill promising dreams and aspirations, please have a plan, something to guide you, to ensure you are organized and nothing just takes your attention and time without carefully analyzing whether it adds value to your life or not. I rarely get personal but i feel this is necessary, and most of us need to keep ourselves motivated else we would give up.

2017 promises to be a great year, but it would all depend on YOU. Make the best out of it, and remember to keep the momentum strong, because you have 12 months to go. With  God on your side,  YOU would achieve GREATNESS.

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