Ghana’s Dilapidating Educational System

Gone were the days where Ghana’s Educational system and structures was rated as one of the finest across Africa and the globe, our students were readily admitted into foreign universities through our examination certificates, it is unfortunate that those days are long gone, our educational system and structures are dilapidating; lost its high quality it once possessed.

News broke on the 17th of June that the West African Examinations Council had officially cancelled five papers in the ongoing BASIC EDUCATION CERTIFICATE EXAMS (B.E.C.E ). This comes in light of reports of the high rate of leakage of exam questions and even marking scheme through various social media platforms like whatsapp and facebook. This should be a major cause for concern, as to the credibility and authenticity of our educational system which should be brought under intense scrutiny. It is beyond reasonable doubt that our educational system requires a massive overhaul, from basic education to high school right up to tertiary education.

The graduates produced yearly are of low quality and not able to be innovative and productive. It is important to note that the growth and development of any country across the globe depends on her human resource, you can have the finest of natural resources, from crude oil to Gold, Diamond etc but if you don’t have quality human resources to properly manage these resources, you won’t be able to develop at a fast and substantial rate. Sadly, Corruption which is now in every aspect of our lives as Ghanaians has found its way into our educational system , today parents pay all sorts of bribes in order to get their children into senior high schools and universities, clearly showing that those students who couldn’t meet the required standards are still able to find their way by using the loop-holes in our system instead of them to study hard and pass with flying colors. Today most of our students aren’t well motivated and determined to study hard and focus on their books, because they’ve been made to believe that there is another alternative to passing exams aside sitting down to study. Students today desperately look for ‘’apor “ instead of studying , they face so much distractions, from social media to movies, seks, relationships and others.

Over the years WAEC has had to cancel papers because of incidents of the papers getting leaked. It would be prudent to note that Canceling the papers isn’t a solution to the dilapidating situation. The West African Examinations Council’s credibility has been brought to question, situations of papers getting leaked even to the extent of marking schemes hours before the exams, circulating on social media platforms like whatsapp & Facebook. Clearly the examination’s governing body isn’t showing positive signs that they have control of the situation, The Education Ministry as well as the Ghana  Education Service has to also take a share of the blame. The leakage of the exam questions are definitely from within, if proper measures are put in place, the situation wont repeat itself every year and get worse, the authenticity of our exams is virtually a laughing stock, with teachers and invigilators who are supposed to monitor and ensure that the clearly stated out rules and regulations on exams are adhered to, are rather taking money from students in order to allow them to copy and cheat.

If we really want to produce good and quality graduates that would help build our nation, then we need to take a closer look at our educational system, and review it altogether, refrain from playing politics with it, and rather take major decisions by consulting major and key stakeholders like educational experts and others. And make sure that the rules and regulations are strictly adhered to, it is important to check the corruption situation that is not only destroying the educational system but the economy as a whole.

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