From the Streets of Ashaiman to the Red Carpets of the Oscars: The Rapid Rise of Abraham Attah

As the saying goes, in life never despise small beginnings. Be nice to everyone you meet, because you never know where they’d end up in the next minute. A perfect illustration is the life of Abraham Attah, the fast rising and award winning Ghanaian Actor who has rapidly gained recognition globally for his major role in Netflix’s “Beats Of No Nation” playing Agu, a young boy who was turned into a rebel soldier in a war torn West African Country.


Abraham Attah before being picked to Act in “Beast Of No Nation” was a street vendor, and was approached by a member of the production staff of the Netflix movie Beasts of No Nation. According to director Cary Fukunaga, Abraham was finally selected out of 30 kids.


“We gathered a bunch of kids who had potential, about 30 of them, and we did this theater workshop and tried scenes that were in the script, and we would improvise. See if these kids could play a variety of emotions and actions that take place in the story. And the kids are fast learners, they quickly understood that the better they did the longer they stayed [in the running for the role].


Honestly, Abraham Attah really killed the role and acted it as if he had been acting since child birth ! His role in the movie has since shot him to worldwide fame, and even earned him another role in an upcoming movie “Out of the Village” Abraham’s life has now totally transformed, he has earned famous and highly recognized awards such as Venice International Film Festival Marcello Mastroianni Best Young Actor AwardGhana Movie Awards Best Actor in a Leading Role, Black Film Critics Circle Rising Star Award and recently  Independent Spirit Award for Best Male Lead,  alongside several nominations.


Top most of all he had the opportunity to present an award at the Just ended 88th annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles alongside fellow young actor Jacob Tremblay. Making his turn on the red carpet and interacting with the creme’ dela creme of Hollywood Actors causing him to trend on twitter for the past two days. Abraham has also earned a deal with Non-profit shoe company TOMS, to provide shoes to 10,000 needy children across Ghana.  Abraham is living the dream now, and intends to focus more on school.

20 thoughts on “From the Streets of Ashaiman to the Red Carpets of the Oscars: The Rapid Rise of Abraham Attah

  1. God bless this boy. I humbly urge who ever his manager is or his parents to relocate him . Prayer prayer and again prayer should be the ward word.

  2. This is indeed a proud moment for Abraham, the nation Ghana , Africa as a continent and the world at large. I am particularly humbled by his feat . Its my prayer that he keeps soaring high. Well done dude and keep doing your best. You have the world in your palms.

  3. congrats Alex. Ghana is proud of you.
    More room for improvement.
    Remember these three p’s..PRAYER

    I am glad you are thinking of focusing on school the more. Keep up the good works and God will bring you to an expected end.

  4. Abraham this this your time for God’s break through in your life and there are many more to come just keep showing appreciation to your maker and you will go places. WELL DONE.

  5. i thank god almighty fr hes life, the lord we serve do things in hes way. God really hv plane fr this young boy. hes mercy is upon u. AMEN

  6. A star in the making.He should concentrate on his studies alongside the acting back Godly living and the sky will be his limit

  7. Grace is always from God. With the grace of the almighty upon you, your life can be changed within a second and this is what happened in the life of Abraham Attah .more blessings upon u Attah!

  8. May the good Lord bless u may he give u Wisdom in anything you do .don’t be discourage keep on God is with u

  9. More grease to u..Abraham… Please don’t forget where u are coming from..its all about God..please remember.

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