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Hello, I’m Alex Tackie a young passionate journalist and social media enthusiast. I began my writing career back in high school, and intensified it through blogging and immense social media participation and interaction when i entered the University. I developed from works with my own blog (then alextackie.blogspot.com) into writing and reporting for various news websites and blogs like ghanaweb.com, hypingghana.com, ameyawdebrah.com, kuulpeeps.com, yen.com.gh, collegemag.net, Watsuptek , braperucci.com. Still a student in KNUST, My attention is focused mainly on the youth, reporting on news and delivering editorials, interviews on pertaining campus issues as well as sensitive national issues. Aside blogging, i have a passion for photography, graphic design & Web Design. I believe in versatility, where people can be able to possess more than one skill to make them┬árelevant and useful wherever they find themselves. I’m aspiring to become a seasoned media practitioner !


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3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Alex,

    My name is Rich Robinson and I’m the CEO and publisher of RISE NEWS (www.risenews.net) . We’re a new media startup based in Miami that is focused on revolutionizing journalism for the millennial generation.

    We have over 200 young writers from all over the world who write pieces for us- and we produce a large amount of original journalism. (In other words, we are trying to break the mold of millennial news organizations by being intentionally different in what we cover.) We launched last April and it has been a total blast so far.

    We actually were the first non local outlet to write about the Missouri student protests and actually interviewed Jonathan Butler on the first day of his hunger strike well before any other national media caught wind of it. We also were the first non local outlet to break the Ole Miss confederate flag controversy days before it was national news. (These are only two examples of some of the great work we’ve done.)

    Our credo is “Tell Your Story. Change The World” and we really are a mission driven organization.

    While there has been a great deal of media innovation in recent years, it is our desire to fundamentally overhaul the way we find and report on important stories.

    Anyway, I wanted to reach out because we are expanding our team in a big way so that we can produce even more original stories of import for our audience. Somehow I came across your website while researching young writers in Ghana.

    I’d love to talk with you at some point in the next few days about what we are about and vice versa so that we can get you involved.

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you,

    -Rich Robinson.

  2. hi Alex
    Big dreams always starts small…so keep up the good work and dont give up on it.
    Your urge to make it has inspired me a lot.
    Big ups bruh

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