4 Reasons Why You should Visit Nzulezu: The Village on Stilts

Located in the Western Region of Ghana, Nzulenzo in nzema language means surface water which was historically built by was built by a group of people from Oualata, a city of the ancient Ghana Empire and in present-day Mauritania, which came about from following a snail. I visited Nzulenzo back in 2014 when i was in second year in the university. I was travelling with my fellow course mates taking a tour of the wonder village built on stilts.



Photo Credit: Kwame Poncho – team1000words


In order to get to Nzulezu one has to go either by a jet ski or a canoe, trust me the canoe experience is much more fun. Sailing across the lake tadane  with an amazing skyline to enjoy. If you fortunate enough your canoe guide might indulge you in intriguing conversations about the history of Nzulezu, the way of life of the people and obviously some dos and don’ts.


Amazing Skyline and Vegetation


Photo Credit: Aero shutter


The Village is situated deep in the middle of the Lake Tadane, you able to see far away, the amazing skyline, your journey to the village would take you through the rich vegetation. Virtually looking like sailing through a forest



The People

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Photo Credit: Bob Pixel

The people of Nzulezu are very friendly people, most hailing from the Nzema tribe. The nzema language is their main language for communicating but some can speak twi and the kids english. It is advised that one seeks permission before taking photos but the kids are mostly open to taking pictures with visitors and telling their stories.

The Village Structures

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As you can see, the village structures are purely made of wood. Built on stilts to stand on the water body. There is just one school, and also three churches operating in the village. The stilts are changed from time to time to ensure that the support it gives to the wooden strucures are still strong and do not break and sink.

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